Monday, April 03, 2006


Me and many of my friends have fallen down the wrong path of drugs and addiction, particularly opiates. I went to jail for a home invasion I committed trying to cure my painfull withdrawal, so I got the monkey off of my back by the old fashion way, sweating it out and being in agonizing pain for about two weeks. I have a few friends that are on the drug suboxone to get them off of the opiates and back on track with life. Suboxone is a drug that uses a narcotic buprenorphine to suppresses withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and naloxone to keep the user from using opiates, (oxycontin, vicodin, ext.) by binding to the mu receptor, thereby blocking opiates' effects. So what that means is if you do use opiates you will not get high, your body will overdose before you would get a buzz. Suboxone has seemed to save a lot of people but I have noticed that they are growing dependent on the suboxone. If you are on suboxone please leave a commit about what you think about suboxone, and is it worth it or should you just quit cold turkey?

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